Aurora Satinpelt

Primordial "Chaos" Rahshaki Psionic


Aurora is a female Rahshaki of average height and build. However being more dexterous than strong her muscles are more toned than bulky. Her eyes are a bright shade of green with gold flecks. They can be very expressive and usually convey a good deal of sadness. Her most striking feature is her coat. It has a unique blend of highlights that can make it appear to be different colors depending on the angle one is looking at it. She has found that people can be unsettled by it.

Stats and basic info:

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Race: Primordial “Chaos” Rahshaki
Age: 30
People of Importance:
Beatrix Rosewater – Human roommate
Cuddles – Best friend, house cat
Nationality: Chakain
Background: Investigative
Occupation: Government Investigator
Class: Martial Artist(Battle Mind)
Theme: “Rise” by Origa


Aurora grew up in a poor and rough neighborhood that she was determined to get out of her whole childhood. This determination and an inquisitive nature helped her succeed in that when at the age of twenty three she started her career as a journalist. Eager to prove herself she was always taking the assignments that others thought were too dangerous. After four years of doing this she thought she finally found her big break when she uncovered several archaeological digs being financed by a reclusive and very wealthy dilettante. Her investigation uncovered that the digs were an attempt to find far realm artifacts and that the dilettante was the founder of a cult that worshiped deities from the far realm. Not one to back down from danger, Aurora went undercover and infiltrated the cult. This eventually led to her attending a ritual to open a gateway to the far realm to let creatures native to the far realm into the material plain. However this ritual was interrupted when Task Group Flayer from Department 7 showed up to stop it. In the ensuing battle the ritual magic went wild. The last thing that Aurora remembers about that night is a blinding flash of light and deafening crack of thunder. For the next three weeks she was in a coma. During this time she was plagued with visions of nightmare landscapes and sinister alien voices resounding in her head. When she finally awoke, Aurora found that she was in an isolation ward of a Department 7 medical center. Traumatized by her experiences, Aurora’s doctors were unsure she would make a recovery. However she made a turnaround when her doctors got her a tabby cat that she named Cuddles as part of her therapy. Eventually she recovered enough to function in society though she still has trouble connecting to other people. It was then that Department 7 seven made her an offer. Either she could work for them or she could disappear. Aurora agreed to work for department 7 and they set her up with an apartment and a roommate. Once her training began it was soon discovered that she had a talent for martial combat and that she was psionically awakened. Once she was ready Aurora was assigned to Task Group Flayer. Then she spent the next three years working to combat threats from psionics and the Far Realm. Aurora knows the horrors of the Far Realm first hand so she has a very pragmatic approach to her work in that she isn’t real concerned about what she is doing as long as she thinks it is for the greater good. Aurora still has nightmares and is unable to sleep at times. More disturbing to her is that every time she uses her psionic powers she can feel an alien intelligence connected to her mind. She fears that one day it will take control of her.

Aurora Satinpelt

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