Gil "Gilly" Aschendale

Department Seven Shifter Agent


Gilly is a female longtooth shifter with tan skin, wavy auburn hair down to her shoulderblades, and upturned amber eyes. She has a suppression arm on her right side and two basic leg augments. A strong jawline and slightly oversized teeth contrast starkly with her relatively slender elfish frame. Gilly is rarely seen without her trusty gray trenchcoat, and she typically also wears a pair of small gold hoops on the tips of her ears – earrings that match the pair her wife wears.

Alignment: Neutral Good
Born: 2907 CE
Died: N/A
Race: Longtooth Shifter (Wood Elf/Weretiger)
Age: 100
Mother – Estellon Aschendale
Father – Dolenleth Aschendale
Spouse: Naicelle Aschendale
Nationality: Chakain
Religion: The Pantheon, Patron and Mayuri
Theme: “Re:Re:/It’s Like a Small Light” by AmaLee


Gilly is a Chakain native and works as a government investigator, first for the Asa no Hikari police force and now for Department Seven. As far as agents of the law go, Gilly is as fair-minded and well-intentioned as they come; she exhibits no prejudices and takes no bribes. The biggest mark on her record is her willingness to go off-book and break protocols in order to solve a case or protect people from harm.

Cordial and self-sacrificing as she is, Gilly isn’t especially friendly. She tends to keep people at arm’s length and really only seems to socialize with her newlywed wife. When not wrapped up in work or distracted by Naicelle, she carries an air of loneliness and displacement about her, like someone who’s moved to a new city and hasn’t been able to adjust.

Gil "Gilly" Aschendale

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