Foreign contract killer hiding severe burns.


“Godard” is a human contract killer operating in Chakai, currently working under the auspices of Department Seven. A victim of third-degree burns across 95% of his body as a younger man, Godard wears a salvaged Promethean exoskeleton and various scraps of clothing to both hide away his disfigurement and to protect his true identity from interested parties. Sardonic and emotionally distant, Godard is difficult to engage with at anything other than a professional level. Nonetheless, he is welcomed by his current “teammates” for his reliability, his determination and his skill with firearms.


Class(es) & Levels: Soldier 5.
Race: Human.
Background: Criminal.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral.

Birth: No public record.
Death: N/A.
Age: ~37.
Height: 6’2".
Weight: 175 lbs.
Eye Color: Gray.
Skin Color: N/A. Formerly tan.
Hair Color: N/A. Formerly black.



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