C.D. "Sid" Romshackle

Frontman for HAIL SATA.


C.D. “Sid” Romshackle is a deviant-class Promethean operating in Chakai, currently touring with HAIL SATA, the first ever all-Promethean punk rock band.

Originally designed and manufactured by Petal Corporation (a Chakain weapons firm) as a frontline wartime combatant, Sid quickly gained a raucous personality and independence thanks to the sympathetic, musically-inclined engineer Fehar Soukshi and some lucky runtime errors. Eventually discarded as a failed prototype, Sid was dumped onto the streets and had to fend for himself, taking to scavenging…crafting whatever he needed and often bolting it onto himself for kicks. His rough-and-tumble attitude and apocalypse-chic aesthetic were eventually noticed by a prominent media conglomerate, which swiftly enlisted him and three other Prometheans into a burgeoning worldwide musical phenomenon: HAIL SATA. The rest is rock history…


Class(es) & Levels: Thrill-Seeker 5 / Personality 2.
Race: Promethean (Deviant).
Background: Scavenger.
Alignment: Chaotic Good.

Birth: N/A.
Death: N/A.
Age: 13.
Height: 5’9".
Weight: 150 lbs.
Eye Color: N/A.
Skin Color: N/A.
Hair Color: N/A.


C.D. "Sid" Romshackle

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