Shepards Landing

The Town of Shepard's Landing

Silver Horse Bar and Grill
-Owner: Aelrue Caipetor (Female Elf, Augmented Right Arm, Adult)
-Sells: Meals and Alcohol.

Regent Hotel
-Owners: Oliver and Nathan Paterson (Male Humans, Late Twenties)
-Lodger: Unknown (Female Half-Rahshaki, Late teens)
-Sells: Rooms: 150 slips a night.

First Bank of the Landing
-Owner: Luke Harding (Human Male, Mid 50's)

Elwood's General Store
-Owner: John Elwood (Human Male, mid 30's)
-Store Clerk: Nima (Selarian Female, Teenager)
-Sells: Basic Supplies, Basic Magi-Tech.

Bronze Clinic
-Doctor: Grughaed Bronzechin (Dwarven Male, 100's)
-Relation: Nossokara Bronzechin (Dwarven Female, 100's)

Shepard's Police Station
-Sheriff: Castor Caipetor (Half-Elven Male, 60's)
-Deputy: Camile Harding Swirling-Sand (Human Female, Late 20's)

Sand and Snow, Hookah Cafe
-Owner Operator: Kaleminth Swirling-Sand (Sabertooth Rahshaki Male, 30's)
-Daughter: Unknown (Unknown Female, Child)
    Unknown (Red Scaled Female, Late 20's)
    Unknown (Black Scaled Male, Late 20's)
    Unknown (Green Scaled Male, Late 20's)
-Sells: Meals, Coffee, Tea, Sweets, and Hookah.

Lumber District
-Owner: Vanasha (Half-Orc Female, 30's)

Shepards Landing

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